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Iowa State University - Women's Basketball Camps
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Cyclone Women's Basketball Camps

Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

2015 Summer Camps
June 10th - 11th
June 12th
Position Camp June 14th - 16th
June 19th
June 22nd - 25th
"At Iowa State we have built one of the nation's best programs and our camps are part of that. I think the kids who attend our camps get a great overall experience both on the court and off, just as our players do at Iowa State. We have a fantastic staff and the interaction with our players is a great aspect of the camp experience."
- Head Coach Bill Fennelly
Cyclone Women's Basketball would like to thank the following camp TITLE SPONSORS:

The Cyclone Women's Basketball Camp is not an Iowa State University Camp but is operated independently.
Permission to use ISU Trademarks is granted under agreement by Iowa State University.

The NCAA prohibits an ISU booster (other than a parent/guardian or close family member)
from paying for a portion of a camper’s camp fees. This camp is open to any and all entrants